Yesterday, Pari and I went to the Keane concert at Fort Canning Park. I got off work early, Pari got off work REALLY early and we both reached there at around 5:30pm. I had bought the tickets a really long time back, so we had VIP tickets with special entry and shit :D!

Anyway, when we reached, we were horrified to see a queue of 15 people.

15 people only??! Out of embarrassment, we actually made an about-turn and marched to the Singapore Museum nearby (which actually turned out to be a very cool discovery for us,come to think of it) to pass some time.

We returned at 6. The crowd of 15 had grown to 20 strong, lol. If I were Keane, I would’ve been cursing the sponsors of the event by that time. Anyhoo…with heavy hearts, we entered the concert grounds. Pari got some Bourbon and Coke that we chugged down while waiting for the concert to start.

Honestly speaking…we didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, here we were, standing in the front row, smack in front of the stage, staring straight into the eyes of the scary ass bouncers right in front of us…and behind us, the concert ground seemed so sparse.

At 8, the show started. Two bands performed their opening act. The Singaporean band was actually not bad. The French band however sucked donkey balls.

By 9…the whole place was fuckin’ packed. People breathing, sweating, clapping, whistling all around us. The atmosphere was starting to get electric. Keane’s album banner went up and the crowd started to applaud. All my apprehensions and fears, that the concert was gonna be a flop…slowly started to melt away.

The Perfect Symmetry album cover
The Perfect Symmetry album cover

And then…Keane came on stage.

And the crowd erupted.

And Tom started to sing.

And it was so fucking awesome!

To be honest, I hadn’t heard that many Keane songs before. Neither had Pari. But we both agreed that they sang some really really awesome songs.

But the best moment in the whole concert came when they started playing “Somewhere Only We Know”. Its my favourite Keane song ever and also one of my most favourite songs overall. The crowd, myself included, simply went ballistic! We sang at the top of our lungs, screaming out the lyrics…


In fact, we were so enthusiastic and loud, that Tom actually didn’t sing the first few verses at all and pointed the microphone towards us!

Anyway…nuff talk. Time for pics!

(Disclaimer: Don’t expect wonders from a measly 2 MP phone cam please :P. Check out Ella’s blog for better quality photographs: )

Man…it was so fuckin unbelievably amazing. I’m so glad we got the tickets and came to see the show. Its a night I’m never gonna forget. My first concert ever. And me, standing in the front row, 4 meters away from the stage, soaking everything in, groovin to the awesome music. Chanting “ONE MORE” as loudly as I could (I was definitely the loudest in that area) for that quintessential encore, during which Keane very aptly performed Under Pressure.

And also the walk back home, when I got grabbed by Angmoh girls from behind who accidentally thought I was smokin a doobie and they wanted a puff too ;).

Sampoerna cigs crackles when you smoke ’em. Keane makes awesome music. I listen.