The world has finally heard Rahman. One of the most talented composers to ever come out of India, A.R. Rahman, won 2 Oscars yesterday which really made my day.

He won best music and best song for Slumdog Millionaire…one of the most overrated and overhyped movies I’ve seen in recent times. Rahman’s music in the movie is by no means his best. In fact, in my opinion, the song Jai Ho (that won him an Oscar) pretty much sucks.

But all that doesn’t matter.

Rahman finally won an award that is proportional to his talent.

And unless people are getting Nobel prizes for music these days, an Oscar is pretty much the most prestigious and publicized award you can get for music.

The Oscar itself didn’t come as a shock really. What did come as a shock though was my immense joy when I realized he had won. It suddenly occurred to me that this was the very dude who had changed Indian music forever. This was the dude who composed the music for a very dear childhood song I liked…Chhoti si aasha…the first song I EVER learnt on my “Casio”. The dude whose music sent shivers down my spine as a pre-pubescent teenager. And whose music has been a part of every one of my mix-tapes, CDs and playlists ever since.

I was so happy that I treated my usual lunch buddies to lunch and drinks :D. I just felt so fucking good! The rest of the day was spent listening to his music over and over again on my iPod.

Congratulations Rahman. You deserved it. You knew you deserved it. I knew it. The whole of India knew it. And we’re all proud of you.

And if ever…though its not that likely…but fuck it, anything can happen in this crazy world…if ever Yoko Kanno wins an Oscar…I’m giving a super super lavish treat. Because when all is said and done…I love you Rahman…but not as much as Yoko Kanno :).

Yoko Kanno