Ever since the earthquake and tsunami and Japan, I’ve been keeping in touch with my friend, Kyoko san in Japan via email. I just wanted to post an excerpt of one of her emails here…

…well as the time passes, we see more worrying facts, appalling images, and horrifying accidents, and really don’t know how much the extent of damage will be…. tomorrow offices will be open, another dimension of damage, influence to the already weak economy, we don’t know…

so far, in tokyo, on the surface, it looks normal, but as you said, people flock to the supermarkets and instant noodles, candles, etc are disappearing from the shelves, toilet paper is becoming a bit scarce. bread is difficult to get now. it is a matter of logistics / traffic problem, and some factories are not operating, but in tokyo the problem is not something directly affect survival.

Now it is quite warm now, cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom. but I, as well as others perhaps, feel that I am separated from the season, from the spring that is otherwise most joyful season.

I hope you are well. visit japan again, after things return to normal. take care of yourself. thanks again for your concern.

It’s truly disturbing to see Japan in a state like this :(. If you would like to make any donations, please do so here:

Donate through Red Cross for the Japan Quake