Mind Game is a super cool Jap anime movie that’s unlike any movie you’ve ever seen before. Its like a total fucking acid trip. Very very trippy but with an awesome (and somewhat confusing) storyline.

I really liked the style of anime too. It was a combination of many things, including live action (ala A Scanner Darkly), which made it really cool :). And it certainly had a powerful message and a really powerful and fucking climatic ending!

The ending alone is worth watching the whole movie for! In recent times, I really don’t remember watching a movie which had THIS good an ending! MIND BLAASTING. Literally. And I’m not even joking!

Its not exactly your typical feel good movie, but it certainly made me feel great. As if life was full of possibilities and that we need to fucking live life to the max! Carpe fucking diem baby!!

It also features one of the best sex scenes ever!

If I watch this movie again, which I think I will…its definitely going into my list of favourite films. Its THAT good :D!