This post is dedicated to the game that has pretty much taken over a large chunk of my life lately. It also happens to be one those games that you’d feel guilty for not buying (I know I did).

ME2 Baby

So now that I’ve absolved myself of the guilt, let me just say that the Mass Effect series have to be two of the most engrossing, amazing and fucktastically brilliant games I’ve ever played. Rarely,if ever,do sequels live up to…nay…astronomically exceed the expectations laid down by their predecessors. Mass Effect 2 builds on the incredible story laid down by Mass Effect and takes it to a whole new level of complex storytelling awesomeness.

MassEffect2 2010-02-06 13-04-57-75

My pimped out ride

Typically speaking, Mass Effect 2 is a space sci-fi RPG cum Third Person Shooter. I wont go into the storyline or the technical aspects of the game.You should read a full blown review for that…or watch this video review:

Anyway,Mass Effect 2 has consumed my life. I eat,sleep,breathe and even dream Mass Effect 2 these days. What makes this game so special and different than the others? Well, it provides a unique experience to each player, which is quite an achievement for a story driven (as opposed to open ended) game such as this. Get this…ALL the decisions you made from Mass Effect 1, get transferred to Mass Effect 2 0_0!!! Pretty fucking sweet huh? So, in the first game, if you saved an ancient alien race from extinction, there’ll be repercussions. If you let the government (galactic government ofcourse) die in the last game, there’ll be repercussions. Even if you shoved a gun down the throat of a fan in the last game…well guess what…there’ll be fucking repercussions!


MassEffect2 2010-02-07 03-11-29-71

Die you fucking Geth! No offense to my Geth teammate…

All of these cool elements make for a strong and personal bond with the game and the character that you’re playing. Sometimes the decisions you must make are very tough (like choosing which teammate to let live or let die). And there are literally a million or so ways in which the game can end,combined with who the hell survived,who’s loyal or what decisions you made throughout the game. For example, on my first playthrough, I played a shotgun toting Vanguard, who can rip through walls, slam into enemies and shotgun their fucking heads to oblivion. 3 of my teammates died and my entire crew perished (that’s how the game ended). On my second playthrough, I played a sneaky Infiltrator who can cloak and snipe your ass from miles away.Everyone survived in that ending :). Ofcourse, the class you play with has nothing to do with the endings…it’s just a sum of all the decisions you make.

My bunch of happy misfits at the end of 2nd playthrough

My bunch of happy misfits at the end of 2nd playthrough

And there’s romance too. Ranajay Shepard was a bit of an asshole though.Romancing an Asari in the first game. Then a human in the second. Then cheating on her with a psycho bitch. Then breaking up. Then hooking up with a horny crew member. Then romancing a Quarian even. All this while saving the galaxy ;).

Time to look away now kiddies. Looks like Maria Ozawa no?

Looks like Maria Ozawa no?

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 07-19-25-47

Time to look away now kiddies

And there's more

And there’s more

Press (F) to continue

Press (F) to continue

There's something for the tattoo lovers too

There’s something for the tattoo lovers too

Well…you get the point. Mass Effect 2 is really a gem of a game. If your computer can handle it, then you should definitely play it. As Times magazine aptly put it, “it’s the Avatar of video games — except it’s better written.” So with that I’ll just leave you with some more screenshots and reasons to play Mass Effect 2:

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 02-29-23-77Some of the levels are really gorgeous.

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 02-42-26-50The fights are really intense and eye-poppingly awesome.

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 02-20-10-78Boobies.

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 06-44-29-32You get to fight The Terminator!

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 07-31-32-98Erm…

MassEffect2 2010-02-07 19-37-52-67

Fata…I mean…Sexality!

A final word of advice though, too much sex can kill ya. Literally.


Anyway, here’s the fucktastic launch trialer for the game that can put many a movie trailer to shame. I’m going in for my third playthrough now.