This pensive looking mofo is Makoto Shinkai

He makes anime movies. Some people call him the next Hayao Miyazaki.

The next me? Not while I’m still making movies, son




Oh, right :(

Yes, he’s that good. And this is…

Makoto Shinkai’s (Unofficial) Guide to Making Movies



1. Pick an excellent song

2. Make an entire movie revolving around that song

3. Make every scene eye-bleedingly gorgeous


4. Play that song right at the end of the movie

…and bombard your viewers with a fuckton of emotions as they connect the lyrics of the songs to the rest of the film

This is the only known photograph on the interwebs of Makoto Shinkai smiling (the word “smiling” is used loosely in this context)-

He probably caught a fan crying after 5 Centimeters per Second

Side note: Shinkai is a wonderful human being and even though he might be one of the best animators in the world right now, Miyazaki will always be the God of anime.