Last night, 7 hours before my flight and 5 hours before leaving for the airport, I watched Lost in Translation for what seems to be the 4th time. A few scenes stuck out when I watched it: Bob Harris’s reaction at waking up in the cab in Tokyo, Charolette leaning her head on Bob’s shoulders at the karoke, Charolette starting to “feel” once again during her trip to Kyoto and ofcourse, the uber awesome,open to interpretation ending. Such a brilliant movie with scenes that contain so much beauty, but are yet so very subtle. Perhaps a bit like the picture of Japan I have in my head.

A feeling of nervousness with tinges of excitement swept over me as I thought about my trip ahead and the movie at the same time.


On my way to the one place I’ve truly wanted to go for the past 5 or 6 years.

What’s it gonna be like?

Even now, as I’m seated here in flight mh70, 2 hours away from Tokyo, that feeling of nervousness lingers on. I keep recalling what the guy at JTB said when I told him that I was traveling alone for 2 weeks:”traveling alone?? Wow, you must be very brave.”

Frankly, I’m a bit confused as to what I’m feeling right now. Is japan gonna be everything I’ve ever dreamed of? Or is it going to fall short of my wild and overly optimistic expectations? Or perhaps option c)…mind blowingly, undescribably awesome in a way that I cannot even begin to fathom?

I’m hoping for c).