Today in a nutshell:

1. Visited senso-ji temple.
2. Went to akihabara.
3. Got lost in akihabara. Like literally.
4. Saw loads of anime related stuff. Will go again at the end of my trip.
5. Saw a LOT of porn being sold. Like 7 storeys of it at one place.
6. Bought some for you perverts back home ;). The cashier packed it so neatly and discretely. Was rather amusing.
7. Went back to asakusa and was just in time for a super classy (and not to mention super explicit) strip show featuring zomg eye poppingly hot jap girls at a place called rock-za. The show was 2 hours long and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen. BEST. No photos unfortunately.
8. Visited another part of senso-ji just outside rock-za ironically. Japan is a land of contradictions for sure.
9. Ate sushi made by a sushi chef right in front of me and served by him. Was expensive though. And no one there spoke a word of English. Quite nerve wracking yet fruitful experience.
10. Found the best yogurt drink ever :).

Pics will be added in at appropriate places 2 weeks from now.