I’m one of “those” people who pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus as soon as the stores went online. It wasn’t all smooth ordering though. There were constant server crashes on the M1 website (one of the local service providers in Singapore) and a massive outpouring of rage on M1’s Facebook page and the Hardwarezoneforums. Still, with some furious F5ing for 4 hours straight, I finally succeeded to snag myself a 6 Plus and a new contract with M1.

It’s not that I’m in love with Apple, I just hate Samsung that much.


I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 2 years ago. It was the first Android phone I had seen in a store that actually had 60 FPS animations. It was a huge deal for me at the time, because before that, Android phones and their laggy animations were a huge joke to me.

Without much hesitation, I bought the Samsung phone.

And that’s when my love-hate relationship with Android began. I loved Android for what it was, but I hated Samsung for nerfing that experience. Here’s how:

1. Samsung stock ROM is crap

If you’ve ever owned a Samsung, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. The Samsung stock ROM is chock full of unnecessary apps and services that hog memory and cannot be uninstalled! The Touchwiz UI sucks too, but that can be easily remedied with Nova Launcher or other 3rd party launchers. Using the stock ROM also (sort of) defeats the purpose of owning an Android phone in the first place.

So, there must be other ROMs right?

2. Too many Samsung phones = Too many unstable/buggy ROMs

That’s right! There are many ROMs. Like a LOT! But therein lies the problem. Samsung churns out a buttload of phones every quarter and due tot that, it’s difficult for developers to focus on one piece of hardware to make a superb ROM that is stable for daily use. My particular phone is a variant of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. But, do you know how many freaking Samsung Galaxy S3 variants there are? Just to give you some perspective, here are some firmware versions of my Galaxy S3 (which is an i9305):


And believe me, there are tonnes of other phones which are called Samsung Galaxy S3 but with subtle variations. Not only that, there are tonnes of Samsung Android phones to begin with.

Long story short, in my 2 years of using this phone, I’ve gone through 6 ROMs – CM10, rXtreme, CM11, Stock ROM (again), Pacman and Slimkat. None of these ROMs are 100% stable/bug free. There’s always something that’s not working or stops working after a few weeks. I need a phone that works and not one that I have to tinker with to make it work and then re-tinker when it stops doing so.

I am told that the Google Nexus phones get better support in terms of ROM and that’s something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of buying a non-Nexus Android phone.

3.Unreliable SD cards

A phone that let’s you add more memory to it sounds awesome, right? In theory, it should be. But in reality, my Samsung phone has killed two 32GB SD cards and is probably on its way to killing a third one. I don’t know who to blame here, the SD card manufacturers or Samsung. I’ve read numerous similar complaints from other Samsung users whose SD cards were fried by the Galaxy S3. They (and even Samsung) suggest using an expensive Samsung produced SD card, which I am using currently. But even this is probably going to cock-up soon, seeing that my music folder is sometimes inaccessible and it has started to skip songs randomly.

If you do the math, that’s more than 150$ I’ve had to spend on increasing the memory of this phone (and more, if I continue to use it).

4. Unreliable 3rd party batteries

Samsung is not to blame for this one. They provided an excellent feature by including a battery that can be replaced. Unfortunately though, I ended up buying a 4400mAh battery from Anker that worked amazingly well for 1 year and then bloated to 1.5 times its original size. Boooo!

5. Unreliable compass

The SGS3 has one of the worst compasses ever! This thing couldn’t point you in the right direction even if your life depended on it. Add to that, a super slow GPS lock-on and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. Compare this to my iPhone 3GS that I used in Japan and which worked flawlessly without data and you have yourself a big fat loser of a GPS+compass in the SGS3.

In conclusion:

1. I will never buy a Samsung phone again.

2. If you want to use Android, buy a Nexus phone. Screw everything else (particularly Samsung).

3. Admittedly, iOS is less powerful than Android. But I’ll take stability over customizability this time around.

4. Don’t buy Anker batteries. Seriously -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1514929


I have used 2 iPhones so far and it was a joy to use both of them. Sure, you can’t customize every single thing in the phone like you can in Android, but things just work. Samsung had been a pain from day one and it has continued to be so for the past 2 years. I’ve had enough.

As somebody said on my Facebook feed – “I honestly cannot wait to get back into the Apple walled garden. I am so much happier there.”