Ok, straight off the bat…if you loved Memento, then you’ll probably hate Ghajini.

Memento was a complex movie with a brilliant storyline, amazing acting, very stylish editing and an excellent twist. The very fact that the movie was told in bits and pieces, confuses you and puts you exactly in the shoes of its protagonist who suffers from short-term memory loss.

With Ghajini, you can throw all of that out of the window. What you instead have is a typical Hindi movie with a paper thin plot, numerous plot holes, terrible supporting cast, but some decent acting from Aamir Khan.

As you may know, the story revolves around the character of Aamir Khan, who suffers from short-term memory loss and is trying to figure out who murdered his girlfriend by leaving himself clues, in the form of polaroid photos and tattoos on his body.

The movie starts out terribly with minimal explanation about Aamir’s condition and jumping straight into the action. Things do get better in the middle when we dwell upon Aamir’s past, which has some genuinely funny moments along with numerous corny filmy moments as well (well…its a Hindi movie, so we must learn to get over these things).

This would bring us to the lead actress in this movie…Asin.

She’s super hot, super cute…maybe a tad irritating at times and maybe not the best actress in the world…but who gives a flying rat’s ass?! She’s probably the sole reason why I even decided to sit it out through this torturous film!

After her part was over, it pretty much boiled down to more terrible acting from the supporting cast, more excessively stupid-and-trying-to-be-cool editing, further evidence that the plot was really crappy, repetitive background score and song and dance routines at akward moments.

Don’t get me wrong…the songs in Ghajini are good (maybe not Rahman’s best work), but the sound and music otherwise sucks. It really gets on your nerves after a few hundred iterations. Even more irritating is probably the constant swooshing sound that you hear everytime the bastards at editing tried to add funky jump cuts into every single scene of the movie.

And as for the ending? Disappointing…predictable…crap!

So to sum up…

The Good:
● Good acting by Aamir Khan (though he did overact in a couple of scenes…but that’s forgiveable because he’s Aamir after all).
● The super hot Asin.
● A few good songs.
● Some truly funny moments (like an auto-rickshaw scene where the driver hits a woman on the road. Classic :D!).
● Some pretty good action sequences.

The Bad:

● Terrible acting by the rest of the cast. Especially the villain with his laughable dialogues (which were meant to be serious).
● Jia Khan (please just stick to skin baring roles or any role where you’re mute).
● Paper thin plot.
● Numerous plot holes to add on to the paper thin plot (sometimes it seemed like Aamir had a 2 hour memory instead of the 15 minute memory that was initially stated).
● Super irritating editing.
● Crappy background music.
● Akward moments for some of the good songs.
● Stupid vanilla ending.

If you’re planning to watch this movie, make sure you haven’t watched Memento already. If you have watched Memento and found it too confusing…then good for you, you’ll probably not mind Ghajini.

As for me…I need to watch Memento right away to erase this movie from my memory!

Edit : I think I may have been a bit hard on Asin. She’s not only eye-candy in this movie. I loved her acting in many of the scenes, especially the death scene which (barring the dialogues) was very well done. That’s all!