Went to watch Dev D with Pari, Praneeth, Agas and Shanty yesterday. Now this is a movie I’ve been looking forward to ever since Monu first showed me its trailer a few months back.

I’ve been listening to its songs on my iPod constantly, waiting and anticipating to watch it first day last show (am a working person now yaar…tragedy…tragedieee).

Which I did.

I knew it was either gonna be a movie that would blow my mind away to a different dimension, or a movie that would fall flat on its face. Director Anurag Kashyap’s last film (that I watched) was No Smoking….which kind of left me with mixed feelings.

And the same goes for Dev D.

But unlike No Smoking, Dev D oozed awesomeness from almost every frame and scene. Where it kind of went wrong, in my opinion, was the sugary goody-two-shoes ending…which was so out of tone and abrupt!

But before that, let me tell you this…Dev D might be the best and most fucking bad ass movie you will see in Indian cinema for months/years to come! At some points, the editing, cinematography, acting and dialogues were so fucking brilliant that it almost seemed like Fight Club trippingon desi tharra and cocaine!

It will take you on a roller coaster ride right from the word go till about 3/4ths of the film when it kind of slows down, leaving you guessing how this tale would end. And that’s where disappointment kicks in. What you would expect from this movie by then is a crash n burn Parindaesque ending which would take you by the balls, hurl you at the floor and shatter you into a million tiny pieces. But instead, you see a fucking weird and out of tone, “hero realizing his true love” kind of pansy ass ending.

Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the many possible scenarios, but after so many hours of listening to Saali Khushi and Emotional Attyachar, after remembering the shocking and heart wrenching endings to movies like Parinda and American History X, or the weird and equally awesome ending to Fight Club…you kinda expect more. Especially from Dev D. Which kicked so much ass all the way, but then tripped at the end.

From this point on there might be minor spoilers here and there. Deal with it.

What I loved:

  • The acting. Especially Abhay Deol, Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Chunni) and Kalki Koechlin to some extent after she transformed into Chanda. But hats off to Mahie Gill (Paro) for her amazing amazing acting! I can’t tell you how much attachment I felt towards her character when she was crying while riding back on her bicycle with the mattress in the back. An immortal moment in the movie that I’ll always remember.
  • Individual moments. Like Paro’s topless photo taking antics, Paro touching herself, the khet and mattress sequence, Paro chasing Sunil and then burning his clothes…with Sunil watching from far away, Emosanal Attyachar (brass band version) in its full glory, the super trippy 14 shots of vodka and coke sequence, Paro “making love” to Dev after getting married….blah blah blah. There’re way too many such moments in this film. The more I think about this movie, the more things come to mind. One moment I really really loved, was when Dev hugs Chanda and tells her, koi baat nahi, its gonna be ok…something that Chanda’s father should’ve done. It was fucked up and sweet, but Chanda’s satisfied smile really made my heart melt for that brief second.
  • The music. The brilliant music. The mind BLAASTING music. Amit Trivedi at his best! But not its usage in the film except for on some occasions.
  • Editing and cinematography. Fight Club on tharra. Nuff said. Other hindi movies…please learn something.
  • The story. Classic tale of Devdas, told in its own unique way, that people of my generation can completely relate to. Yeah…that minus the last 10 minutes of the film.
  • Subtitles. The hilarious English subtitles. Thank you Singapore.

What I didn’t like:

  • Other individual moments. Like Leni’s dad offing himself. Where the fuck did that come from?? Leni’s acting too was pathetic before she turned into Chanda.
  • The usage of music. Had it been some other music director, then I wouldn’t have cared. But this is Amit Trivedi. The DUDE who gave the brilliant music to the movie Aamir as well. I will be biased here because I loved some of the songs too much to see them being used at weird places in the movie and that too in bits and pieces. Anyway…bottom line is this…the (superb) music composed for this film could’ve been used better.

What I absolutely hated:

  • The ending. I think I’ve ranted enough about it.
  • Emotional Attyachar (Rock version). The best motherfucking song I’ve heard in ages. And it wasn’t even played in its full and awesome unbridled glory. Ooooooh….that really pissed me off.