Four years ago, during my training, I distinctly remember the LEAP trainer describing his assignment in Qatar. It was a series of slides that consisted of sand, sand, sand, sand, a refinery and the occasional camel.

He described these aforementioned slides as “Sand. Sand. Sand. Sand. Refinery. Camels.”

That’s right mofo

Going to Qatar is like a rite of passage in my company. I’ve only been to Qatar in winter, when it was surprisingly cold, so my short stint there “doesn’t count”. After numerous diversions, delays and schedule changes, it seems that my time has finally come.

I’ll be deployed to Qatar within the next month for a period of one year (whaaaat?!). The details aren’t final yet…and from my experience, details only become “final” once you’re actually at site. My job will mostly consist of…well…managing and engineering. So, here’s to Qatar! I’ll see you soon, sand and camels and whatnot.