What is PsychedelicSoul?

PsychedelicSoul was the name of my first blog, that I started on blogspot back in 2005.

When I migrated to WordPress, I didn’t wanna lose my posts or leave them behind because they were a link to my past. They remind me of the person I used to be and the person I want to become. Luckily, WordPress has a migrate feature that brought all of my posts to this new site! The formatting might be a tad messed up for some of the old posts, but I guess its a small price to pay :).

What do I blog about?

Well…pretty much anything under the sun. But you’ll mostly find posts about life in Singapore, a few movie reviews, anime reviews, loads of posts related to Yoko Kanno and miscellaneous personal posts. You can check out my art as well : http://art.ranajay.net

Where did the name PsychedelicSoul originate?

The name PsychedelicSoul originated from a Yoko Kanno song by the same name.

I like the word PsychedelicSoul. I think its a fairly accurate description of the inner me.

(Goodbye Blogspot)