Hello! こんにちは! Welcome to my website! My name is Ranajay (big surprise). I live in Singapore and I’ve been here for the past 12 years

This site is basically a ranting ground for me (aka blog) and a place to showcase some of my art. Mostly to rant though.

Also, I love Yoko Kanno with all my heart. She’s a very talented music composer from Japan and her music literally changed my life! If you’re a Yoko Kanno lover, you’ve come to the right place. If not, then search for her music on Youtube and brace yourself for a life altering, perspective bending experience.

That’s about it. Thanks for coming!!

And yes, that handsome looking bloke in the highly modified and photoshopped Macbook Photobooth image happens to be me (from 12 years ago @_@ ).